Quality system

From raw material checking, production process control to finished goods testing, K2 has over 40 kinds of quality controlling items to ensure the perfect self adhesive products to our customers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
All of K2 QC processes strictly follow the standards and norms of international FINAT Test Methods for Self-adhesive material,GB, and K2 internal specification etc based on ISO. Make sure the nice performance of the film color range, anti-UV performance, tear resistance, anti-aging, dimensional stability, ink absorption receptivity,adhesive’s & removable performance and moisture-proof of liner paper under long-term storage conditions etc. 

Now, just a batch number of each roll, K2 can track all the record of raw material, equipments, operator of every process, producing condition and time,testing records and other information to ensure that the quality of every roll product can be controlled and can be traced back.

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