Perforated window graphics

Latex printable one way vision

Latex Perforated Window Graphics GK500X is a kind of printable window graphics vinyl.  The surface is full of micro-holes.  It is compatible with Latex, UV, ECO and Solvent.


Latex Perforated Window Graphics


GK500X is a kind of printable window graphics vinyl.  The surface is full of micro-holes.  It is compatible with Latex, UV, ECO and Solvent.

1)    180mic film with adhesive, anti-tearing

2)    Suitable Solvent/ECO, UV and Latex ink printing

3)    Soft vinyl (28Pa hardness) is suitable for arched glass surface.

4)    Easy installing and removing

5)    190g 3layer quick-dry liner


Item No.



Open rate




UV Latex printable Perforated window graphics vinyl



190g three layers paper liner

UV, Latex, Solvent, ECO



1.07 / 1.27 / 1.37 / 1.52m *50meter

42” / 50” / 54” / 60” * 150ft

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